Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

Well, I found out that I have a protein s deficiency which can cause clotting issues throughout the pregnancy. So, as a precaution, they are having me inject twice a day a blood thinner for the rest of the pregnancy.

My appointment to learn to give shots was supposed to be tomorrow, but they had to reschedule until Monday.

I'm really not looking foward to this, as I really hate needles, but anything to get the twins here safely I'll do to the best of my ability.

So much for a "normal" pregnancy :D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote. Work is keeping me very busy.

This will be a short but sweet note... for those still following my blog:

We're pregnant again. With TWINS! We're due 6/1/10. So far I'm feeling alright - although I've already had issues with my stomach due to acid, so I've cut out all caffine, chocolate, sweets, fried foods, and tomato type products. The doctors said I could take meds for it, but I'd rather not take meds unless absolutely necessary.

I had an impromptu visit last week - due to some spotting - but everything turned out fine and now all the doctors are watching me even more closely. A co-worker commented when she found out "You can't do a regular pregnancy can you?"

I go for my "first official" visit tomorrow. They drew blood again from me this week, because my numbers were off that they think was due to mishandling. So hopefully the news won't be bad and we'll just wait and see.

The perinatologist is for us doing the earlier testing to just rule out anything. So I'll be having that done on November 13th. Hopefully we'll have the results back by Thanksgiving (including genders!).

I'm not too worried though, this is the first time in all of my pregnancies that I'm measuring "on time". Both Emily and Sarah measured behind in the earlier scans.

Emily is getting more and more grown up. She's speaking quite full sentences now and giving us the attitude of "what?" from time to time. Now on to potty training! She needs this before the twins arrive!

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

Time sure does fly by.. especially when things keep happening to us.

I started back to work.. hitting the ground running.. literally. We have an initiative for training going on for the end of year. Plus the regularly scheduled classes, plus another initiative going into place that's going to change a few things about our classes.

So, as you can see, going back to work has kept me busy. So busy that I eventually caught a bad cold. Right around the time I had 2 weeks worth of training. Luckily our friends the Browns allowed us to stay with them (made my commute from 90 minutes to 15). But apparently during that time, we had a flea manifestation.

Our cats are indoor cats - so we never thought to get them with flea medicine. Well the few fleas that were brought in (by us) apparently multiplied and poor Em was the initial target. Her body is just COVERED with bites.

So, we decided to get down to business and bomb the house. Monday night we were trying to find Sophie to put her in a room with Daisy so that we could take them to the vet on Tuesday. Stephen finally found her in a crawl space and handed her to me. She was freaking out and as I was trying to calm her down and carry her up the stairs - she shreaked and died in my arms.

This brought back a lot of memories of Sarah dying in my arms as well. So needless to say I was really sad Monday night. I couldn't dwell on it though, as I had to teach the next day.

Wednesday we bomb the house. Thursday, I go in to "clean" the residue and basically spray this other spray on everything - as the bombing didn't get all of the fleas. I got the living room, dining room and bathroom done. Friday I spent all day doing the kitchen. Needless to say our rooms haven't been this clean for awhile.

Saturday we have to go out to get some more flea stuff and we stop and look at the kitties at the Pet Store. I was just looking to see what they had. On the way home Stephen decides to swing by the Humane Society. Again, we were just looking - but appears the cat has chosen us as his family, His name is Tucker and he's approximately 1 year old. He looks sort of like Sophie - although he has more white. But he is definitely a people cat. Loves to be loved. He even tolerated Em's cathandling.

So we're busy trying to finish up the 2nd floor so we can bring him home tomorrow. I still have the bathroom, and two other rooms to finish. We also still have the basement and attic area to do - but those have doors to them, so not as big of a hurry. Hopefully tomorrow Stephen will get to the back yard and cut down the "jungle" aka his garden/grass. It's my thought that's where the fleas are coming from.

I'll just be glad when this whole flea mess is over so I can relax again and hopefully work on the book.

That's it from us for now...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post - if anyone is still reading :) Been busy healing and then the family went on a mini vacation. I say mini because the place was approximately 3 hours away but we stayed the week. It was really nice to get away, although I could have done without the bugs.

I know I still haven't posted my story on Sarah - I will eventually. Stephen and I decided to try and write a book about our experiences with both Emily and Sarah. We hope that by sharing our story that others will find strength and some information that will help them along their journey. So, during our vacation - I started writing. I'm still writing Emily's story so, I haven't gotten to Sarah's yet. I think that's a good thing, because when we were on vacation, there was a family that had their 3 week old baby with them. It was hard for both of us seeing the baby, so I know we still have healing to do.

Our vacation was at a place called Capon Springs, WV. It's a little resort where a lot of families have gone for generations. They are known for their natural spring water - it helps reduce acid. The place was great - they have different activities - like shuffleboard, badmitton, dances, campfires, etc. They also have a very nice spa in the complex. The price per person they list includes all meals. The meals are fabulous and pretty much all you can eat. They have a large dining hall and they seat you at your table the first night you're there. That becomes your table for your stay.

For us, it was great, they had a "playground attendant" that watched the kids on the playground from 9AM-12:30PM. Often Emily ended up being the only one there by herself and all of the attendants loved her. We did ask for an acual babysitter one day that we had planned on doing a "soak" together.

By the end of the week - Stephen was still sick although getting better and Emily was coming down with it. Me - I'll probably get it this week and I head back to work tomorrow.

Family friends go there every year and we're planning on going there next year (if we can get in) with the week they go. That way we know someone and have some extra help if we need it. Plus they have a grandson Emily's age. So she'll have someone to play with. I hope to be in better shape so I can go hiking more and take more pictures.

Well that's it for now...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sarah's Presentation

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Sarah's Presentation

For those unaware - Sarah was born, lived for almost 2 days, and then died. I will be posting her story here a little later. But for now - enjoy the presentation I put together of her brief but meaniful life.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

Easter has come and gone.... Emily got gifts from the neighbors and from church which included candy. Needless to say, she doesn't need it - so I've put it out of her reach.

We didn't do the "normal" thing for Easter. I felt she was still kind of young to understand. So hopefully next year she'll be good to go easter egg hunting. I actually look forward to it. But she did get a basket of goodies. Just no candy :)

Palm Sunday was great too. She was part of the kids' presentation. The 2-3 year olds got up as packets of seeds (Em was a Tomato). The other two girls looked so uncomfortable being up there. But not Em - she was singing (not knowing the words), dancing and smiling. Guess she takes after her Mom (the ham). The only down side to this was - no pictures or video - my camera batteries were dead.

I haven't posted a lot on here about what's going on. I just haven't either felt good enough to do it or have had the time. Work is extremely busy. Nice thing is they've got back up trainers doing training so I can work on other documentation. So far the training is going really well. Better than we expected.

I'm on a 2-week watch. After our last appointment on April 3rd - apparently from the 20th - I gained 10 centimeters of amnio fluid. So I had to get meds to hopefully help reduce some of it and get my rhogam shot (I'm negative blood type). The last appointment was bad in that I also had to do the gluclose test. Yuck!

So my next appointment is this Friday. My fear is the meds didn't work and I'm close to popping - so they're going to admit me early. Stephen and I hope that being prepared for that outcome means it won't happen. I'm not sure though. Since Sunday I've had some regular contractions (painful) and I'm still having braxton hicks (not painful - just tight). I have really "popped" as far as looking pregnant - in fact I don't think I looked this pregnant with Emily at 9 months! Stephen jokes that if we hadn't had the ultrasound you'd swear I was carrying twins!

I'll try to do better in keeping everyone posted on what happens after Friday. Just we're in hurry up and wait mode right now.

Hopefully our bathroom remodel will be done soon and our new couch will arrive before I have to go into the hospital! Only time will tell.

March 17, 2009

Well I turned 40 on Friday, March 13th. Most of the time when my birthday falls on a Friday - it's usually pretty good. This time, it was kind of mixed.

I didn't go to work - I had my ultrasound (u/s) appointment in the morning and my OB appointment in the afternoon.

For what ever reason, none of us really seem to get much sleep the night before. Emily and I kind of fell asleep on the way down as Stephen was driving. We stopped off and had breakfast and by then Emily was "boingy" "boingy" girl.

We got to the u/s place early. So we had to wait. They have some toys in the corner of the office and Emily just loves to grab one and drag it out to the waiting room and then run back for more. So I was constantly having her put back what she had just brought out. Finally it was our turn to go back.

Emily doesn't do well in the situations where I'm laying down and Daddy's in the chair. I think I might ask that we get another chair for her to sit in next time. They did some more measurements: Sarah is now 1 lb 3 oz. I at the time of the appointment was 25 weeks 3 days. She was measuring 24 weeks 6 days - so really only 3 days behind. That's where the good news stops.

The left side of the heart is definitely getting smaller. This condition is called: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. It's not a good thing. If she had this as a "healthy" child, she would eventually need a heart transplant. Medicine can keep the hole open so that the blood mixes correctly for a period of time. She also has multiple ventricular septal defects (VSDs). Basically holes in the wall of the bottom of the heart. Again a normal child this would be minor.

Then the really bad news, she apparently has some obstruction in the bowel. This is causing her to "reflux" and not process the amnio fluid. This causes there to be "more" amnio fluid and thus could make me go into pre-term labor.